Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Full freezer and filling pantry

Our freezer is now full of what is affectionately called "Buck Burger and Steaks". We have eaten a few of the steaks already, along with a couple packages of burger...and "oh, it's so good". Tender and juicy, not too fatty. The least I can say is this...I am glad we raised our own meat.

The pantry has accumulated two additional shelves this year. With the rate at which the tomatoes are still coming on, we may even need more than that. We have canned some where around 25 quarts of sauce and around 15 quarts of stewed tomatoes (which by the way are from the plum cherry tomatoes that are all from 6 plants).

We have some how managed to acquire another calf as well. A bull calf, that will be steered, was given to us a couple of weeks ago. Bubba J. is just a little guy. I don't think he weighs in at 70 lbs. yet. He is full of spunk and rules the older calves like he owns the place already. I love having calves around here!

Our fluctuating number of chickens are doing alright too. We are suffering through a molt right now, so egg production has dropped to around 50-60%. We are fluctuating our customers who buy our eggs right now, and the waiting list of new customers is growing each week. With what we are making off the sale of the eggs, we are nearly purchasing all the feed for 27 turkeys, 32-33 chickens, 5 cows, 2 dogs and a cat. I think that we are managing rather well and I am happy to know that our farm is fairly sustainable. With the money we save on the canned goods and on meat, we are actually making money! That makes me very happy.

It is hard to believe that fall is fast approaching. That means it is time to start advertising our turkeys for thanksgiving dinner tables. Hard to believe that the summer has gone by so quickly. I have no idea where it went.

I have to let you all know....I have this little red hen that comes over from the neighboor's house everyday. She is the best landscaper! She has dug around all of the trees, pulled weeds and turned the soil. This morning, I kept hearing a crowing on the wrong side of the road (our house is on one side, the barn is on the other) and when I went out to see which of our roosters had escaped and crossed the road...I see this funny looking Rooster with a huge, feathery hat cock-a-doodling under the apple tree! This bird is definately not one of our birds! I couldn't help but think that must be the little red hen really likes spending time around here because she brought a friend over with her this morning! What a little stinker! Of course, I haven't explained that I feed her scratch grain every morning and I keep a jug of water under the tree for her too. I am just waiting for the day when she starts laying eggs in my lawn! I am really starting to think that animals really do like it around here.

It's almost corn chopping time here on our farm. Any day now, the chopper will pull in and my hill of corn will be all gone til next year. I have to admit that I really like having the corn around here. At first, I was kind of iffy on it...but now after having it here all summer and watching as people stayed away because of the corn, it kind of grew on me. Oh, and the reason they stayed away is because they were hunters and you can't see much of anything through that tall corn! Hehehe!

Well, I am off to just sit around relaxing while I work on my newest project. I am currently working on a crocheted blanket of a train for the five year old little boy that lives next door! I am about 3/4 of the way done and can't wait to get it finished! We are going to give it to him at his birthday party the end of the month. I have already finished and completed a pair of leg warmers for his eight year old sister's birthday and the next project will be a backpack for her gymnastics stuff.

God Bless you all.