Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, the grant package went out in the mail and was recieved by the department head less than two days ago for our business. Finally, one more thing that can be checked off the list of things to get accomplished. Now it is on to the farm plan, managing construction timelines, getting payroll and comp set into place......and way too much more to list! I am figuring a break and a vacation for me sometime in January now.
I am excited about this project. I will have a website up within the next couple of days that everyone will be able to go look at and learn more about exactly what we will be doing.
This whole business planning adventure has taught me so much about myself, those around me and how much spirit and determination provide. There is a buzz starting now that keeps going in my ear. The phone is starting to ring already as word spreads...I must admit, it feels great to hear just a wonderful response from the public point of view.

On a personal note, with everything that has been going on with the business and here on the farm there isn't much time left for me. I don't get to spend the time with the animals like I would really like too. Hell, I haven't even had time to mow the lawn in two weeks! When I do have time, it friggin rains.
The animals are all doing well. Belle is slowly regaining her weight and she will have AI done toward the middle of next month. Buck is being an ass, no better or nicer way to put it. He smash his head into my hand yesterday (which I think is broke). Now I have numb fingers that are swollen to twice their size and my wrist is killing me...which probably means another trip to the doctor's office yet again! The three boys are growing like crazy. Norman is loosing his baby fur now and we have discovered that he is going to be a beautiful black jersey! Such a beautiful shade of dark chocolate brown. He is doing extremely well. His hip is nearly healed and he is now running, playing and jumping just like the other two now. Davy is my little buddy. He still doesn't fully trust me but if I sit really still, he will come up to me and lick my cheek or forhead. I have also discovered that the boy really enjoys garlic. I had some garlic oil on my hands the other day and wow...I don't think he missed one spot. Danny is doing great, he is starting to pack on the pounds now due to the fact that he is eating about 1 lb. of food a day. He is slowly adding more and more food to his diet.
All of the turkey poults are starting to color up and feather out nicely. We have at least, two toms in the mix. One of them is a chocolate palm and the other is a blue slate. I haven't seen any of the others strut yet, but they could be late bloomers like the royal palms where. Hard telling until they get a bit older.
The chicks are all big enough so that we are going to butcher them this weekend. It is amazing how fast they have grown. And, to let y'all know, they taste delicious. We butchered three of them last week. One went into the freezer, another to Rich's Dad and one into the rotisserre. HMMMMM good.
Well...I really need to get busy on phase two now of our business details. I have already procrastinated for way too long. We should have a website up and running in the next week or so....It is continually giving me fits of every kind imaginable! But I will let you know when it is up.
God bless...enjoy this beautiful change in the weather from all of the rain we have had.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Battles-Fighting for the Farmer

This last week was an extremely stressful week. Nothing went right or managed to get done on time. Opening a new business is difficult enough without the added stress of government agencies changing thier minds last minute or meeting getting cancelled.
There have been times thoughout the planning for this new adventure in my life that I have seriously wondered if I am strong enough in my belief of this system and the good that it will create. I think that God tests that belief time and time again. Kind of his way of making sure that I am staying on the right track and his way of making me assess the whole plan and what my expectation for it truely are.
I keep my faith though that someone needs to make a stand and do something to assist out the local agricultural community. I am tired of reading about another farm that is selling out because they can't make any money. This week...I have heard of seven farms within our region that are selling out or downsizing. I don't know which bothers me more. When farms have to sell off land that has been in the families for generations just to stay afloat and pay thier bills it makes me sick inside.
Guess what people...the family farm is the crucial to everyone's existance! We all need milk...not only as an important part of our diet, but for things like cheese, yogurt, butter, and an additive for many healthy recipes. No farms means no corn, no beans, no peas, no soybean, no wheat, no oats........Stop and think about every farm you know the next time you go buy something in the store. Nearly everything you purchase can be traced back to a farm out there somewhere in the world. We can all do our part in the securing the future of the farms across America by buying and using American based farm products.......
I am begging everyone and anyone that may read this...we are losing farms across the national at a rate that exceeds anytime before in history. Please help a farmer and their families out today by doing the right thing and buying American based products.
So you all know, I live next to a county that has seen a 25% reduction in farms in just ONE YEAR! We can not afford to lose another!