Monday, March 9, 2009

Life Lessons

I am slowly working on figuring out where I want to be in life. So many things seem to have gone wrong as the time up until now has passed. I have often wondered what I have done to deserve everything that has gone so astray but, then I remember that everything happens for a reason.

About a year ago, I picked up my little Kodak EasyShare point and shoot camera. I was having one of those restless days when my mind was whirling in a never ending circle of despair, so I decided to take the camera outside and start taking some shots of things that calmed me down and made me relax. I ended up getting some great photos of the spring time foliage and flowers that still inspire me. Since then, I have upgraded cameras and continued to shoot photo after photo of the things in nature that move me, things that remind me of a better time, or just inspire me to new awareness of the world around me.

I wonder though if anyone else has a way to help with the difficult times in life. Are there other ways to help motivate someone to get through the rough patches in the road of life?


  1. I would have to agree that creative outlets help a lot with getting through dark times in life. I have recently taken up a little camera shooting as well, but writing has always helped me. I think that now that I am a part of a blogging community it helps me to read other people's blogs as well. To see how other people also have dark times and how they cope. There are many inspiring people out there. Welcome to Blogger!

  2. I always write when I feel depressed or in need of motivation. Always worked for me. I use my camera too, but as a beauty/mystery seeker.
    Had a blog before, but then I realized, I'm not that type. I don't like to share my moments of sadness or even anything else. This is why I use a diary now to pour my emotions into it and hopes that would help.

  3. Sadly bad things do happen to good people. But on the same token Karma is a bitch. And when you do One bad thing to someone when they don't deserve it, Three bad things will happen to you. Keep your head up because we both know that certain people are in for WAY more than just Three things to head their way.