Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heritage Breed Turkeys

They are beautiful. The have some of the most interesting feathers I have ever seen.......
I know that they are more like wild turkeys but come on...the least they could do is cooperate on occassion! They have tested my patience so many times this morning already that I have lost count. I can not wait for thanksgiving time to come! Then maybe with less of them to chase around all over 150 acres...I will be able to "herd" them into safe zones...which yes, by the way...means away from this road we live on!
I know that God brought them to us to test my patience...which I am learning is about zero. I am having second thoughts about raising them for stock. I am doubting even wanting to keep the ones that we do have.
Hey God...If you are listening, why couldn't you design them to be just a bit smarter so they don't play in the road? Please give me the patience to deal with them.
Hope everyone else is doing well. My time is consumed with bird herding, barn cleaning and planning for speeches at the moment. Miss you all! God Bless!

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