Saturday, June 5, 2010

Battles-Fighting for the Farmer

This last week was an extremely stressful week. Nothing went right or managed to get done on time. Opening a new business is difficult enough without the added stress of government agencies changing thier minds last minute or meeting getting cancelled.
There have been times thoughout the planning for this new adventure in my life that I have seriously wondered if I am strong enough in my belief of this system and the good that it will create. I think that God tests that belief time and time again. Kind of his way of making sure that I am staying on the right track and his way of making me assess the whole plan and what my expectation for it truely are.
I keep my faith though that someone needs to make a stand and do something to assist out the local agricultural community. I am tired of reading about another farm that is selling out because they can't make any money. This week...I have heard of seven farms within our region that are selling out or downsizing. I don't know which bothers me more. When farms have to sell off land that has been in the families for generations just to stay afloat and pay thier bills it makes me sick inside.
Guess what people...the family farm is the crucial to everyone's existance! We all need milk...not only as an important part of our diet, but for things like cheese, yogurt, butter, and an additive for many healthy recipes. No farms means no corn, no beans, no peas, no soybean, no wheat, no oats........Stop and think about every farm you know the next time you go buy something in the store. Nearly everything you purchase can be traced back to a farm out there somewhere in the world. We can all do our part in the securing the future of the farms across America by buying and using American based farm products.......
I am begging everyone and anyone that may read this...we are losing farms across the national at a rate that exceeds anytime before in history. Please help a farmer and their families out today by doing the right thing and buying American based products.
So you all know, I live next to a county that has seen a 25% reduction in farms in just ONE YEAR! We can not afford to lose another!

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