Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding Patience

Not one of my best attributes.....patience is something that comes in waves.
Usually, I can manage to dig deep and find the patience I need to make it through each day but today is a bit overwhelming.

First thing this morning might have something to do with that. Rich and I got into an arguement before I even had a chance to have a piping hot cup of coffee. I messed up and over slept, til (wow) almost 8:30. Rich went out to do chores and came back in grumbling like a wild man. Why can't men just bite the bullet and do one thing without complaining like a five year old? I am tired of dealing with the temper tantrums and accusations of not caring for my animals! Like he knows...heaven help him if he lifts a hand to help me out for just one morning. I will tell you this, I have learned my lesson and will never lay back down to catch an extra few winks as long as I live!
I have a routine. I will just have to grin and deal with it myself.
Then on top of that, I fix breakfast. Heaven help him if he lifts one finger to fix his own food! Just to get yelled at due to the fact that we have no coffee creamer...which reminds me...He is driving my truck because he can't find the energy to take his down to drop it off at the, that means I have no means of transportation. So please explain to me how I am to go to the store! I am suppose to walk the seven miles one way to get there? I mean difficult is it for him to stop on his way home from work to grab one container of creamer from the grocery store he passes twice a day?
Then, just to top it all dress for the wedding won't be in until Wednesday as the store only recieves deliveries once a week. And..the wedding is Saturday. I still have to send it out to be dyed to the right color too! I have no patience left today and it isn't even noon!
Yesterday was full of a dozen and a half phone calls that amounted to jack squat. Can't seem to get anything done lately...and I am worn to the bone.
I need a vacation so bad I could rip out my hair and scream!
Yeah I know .... I am doing nothing but complaining! There are just times in peoples lives that everything just gets too overwhelming to bear! and unfortunately, right now is my time!
The animals are all doing great...except Belle, our cow. The hole she had in her back when she came is still not healing...nearly two months and it is still a hole about the size of a pencil eraser. I did manage to find out part of the reason why....there was an orange colored spot on it the other day and when I went to pull it out, thinking it was a piece of hay stuck in there...out came a sliver about two inches long covered in puss (nasty, nasty)...I just want to know how the person who had her prior to use manages to have animals and allow them to get like that. Needless to say, it pisses me off more than anything in the world! This woman should be made to live under the same conditions!!! Grr, just one more thing that makes my blood boil...and then to have Rich accuse me of not taking care of my animals is enough to make me explode like a stick of dynamite under bedrock!
Anyway...enough of being lazy...time to take this nasty attitude out on the barns since they need cleaning up again.
God, if you can, could you please send me a little bit of extra patience to just get through today and maybe the next week? I don't want to sound redundent but how much more do I really have to take.
God Bless you all for reading this rant...I wish you all nothing but the best and hopefully you are having a better time of it than I am right now.

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