Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Wow is it hot out there!"

This weather around here has been unbelievably hot around here. Floating above the 80 degree mark everyday for over a week. We have had no rain and are now listed on the drought warning.
We are going through about 100 gallons of water a day for the animals and another 50 to 75 gallons of water for the gardens. I don't ever remember a time when it was so dry this time of year. Usually the farmers have a difficult time putting up dry hay for first cutting....not this year. Even hay silage is drying out before they get a chance to chop it. In a way, I would love for this kind of weather to stay but on the other hand we need a couple nights of some good rain. It would do the gardens, corn crop and hay fields good. Not to mention, then I could go pick nightcrawlers to go fishing with...not that I really have the time to go but still.
This weekend has been hectic but kind of relaxing. There are a ton of things going on that are keeping me busy but no too busy. I managed to get out into the pasture yesterday to brush the, do they look nice. Mama is finally starting to gain enough weight where you only see four of her ribs instead of every single one. She is starting to regrow her hair but what she does have is a nice glossy coat now. Her hair is still coarse but it is slowly coming back into shape. Her back is nearly healed now. Buck was stunning when I had him all brushed out. His coat is amazingly soft and so shinny. I wish I had taken a photo of him then so I could hang it on the wall. I will just have to get him all brushed out and get one taken.
The calves are all doing great. They all need a good brushing as well but getting them to sit still is like telling a two year old to sit still. I will get them all done before too long. Just going to have to fasten them down basically to get it done. I will probably leash them so they can't get too far and then fight them as they run around trying to get free. Davy is getting better at letting me touch him now but Danny is still spooky as all get out. Norman on the hand comes right up to me to have his horns rubbed and loves the extra attention.
The chicks that we are raising for meat are HUGE! They are about four pounds now and gaining more every day. We are going to butcher a couple of them in a week or so...I will let you know how they taste! :)
The turkey poults are growing very well too. The are nearly all feathered in now...but now it is difficult to determine the breed they are. The blue slates I can tell. The chocolate palm I can tell but beyond that....forget it.
The chickens are laying good...just not enough for demand. Our eggs seem to have grown in popularity since the last time we donated them to the church for their free-will breakfast. Rich and I have discussed it and we are going to get another dozen or so. What I really need to do is find a rooster, which I may have in the chicks that were given to us, and start breeding my own chicks. Buying them just isn't the most profitable way to get new layers.
Tom turkey has found a new home. He hasn't left here yet, but very soon. The idiot is still insistant on crossing the road to attempt thumping the blue tick. It never stops, that is why I decided to find him a new home...He drives me crazy most days!
We will have a video of our two tom turkeys fight on Youtube soon. We had a guy come fishing yesterday that thought that Tom was loose and tried to put him back in with the other tom. Let's just say it wasn't very nice and Tom didn't stay in there for very long. A animals were hurt in the recording of that video! Not one blood spot, not one injured animal. Just to make sure that everyone knows...that is the biggest reason why Tom the turkey is in with the chickens and not with the turkeys...too much fighting going on when you get those toms together.
Well, I am off now to go take pictures for the day and make a little money. I have a get together and bonfire to go to tonight that I have been looking forward to for over a month now. It will be good to just get out, away from the phones and computers to just relax with some great friends.
Hope that everyone has an enjoyable Memorial Day ... and that you remember and pray for our soldiers, fallen or not. We owe every single soldier a debt of gratitude for all that they do to keep us safe.
God Bless our Soldiers and keep them safe from harm. Lay your divine hand upon their lives and protect them as they do those of us at home. Please make sure they know they are honored, loved and respected by many. Thank you God for giving each and every service member to us. Amen.
God Bless

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