Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Friends...

This last weekend was a great weekend. I got to spend time with BigMomma and Lil Momma! Having the farm is all worth while to see the smile on the face of a four year old.
Big Momma and I have not sat down to talk in ten years or so! It had been way too long. Big Momma was actually a friend of my sisters. I love her just like a sister and am so happy that she is still a good friend.

Things are the farm are going good. We are keeping busy with harvesting and canning. The animals are all doing great. The three calves are growing like crazy! Ma Belle is gaining weigh good and is getting back to her "normal" weight with each passing day. Buck is almost ready to head off to the butcher.
Vehicles are here are another matter entirely. Rich's truck now has a suspension shackle coming through the box of his truck that needs to be fixed and my truck blew out a brake line on Saturday. Never ending battle it seems. I can't wait for the day when we both get newer vehicles. Which is hopefully before the end of this month!
Yesterday was a rough day around here too. I blew the belt off the lawn mower and ended up dumping the water jug off the wagon that attaches to the back of the four wheeler....Let me just say that yesterday was definately a Monday.
I found a wild bird yesterday too. The bluetick was outside barking like crazy. When I went out to check to see what was going on, I noticed this little gray fuzzy thing crawling around on the ground. I had to look twice because I thought it was a rat at first...then I noticed that it was a bird! A very small baby bird! I had no idea what it was with it's fluffy little feather tips and dark colored beak. I came inside with it cradle into my hands and started looking up images on Google to try to figure out what it was. Come to find out it is a baby Morning Dove! So now, I have a coffee can with an old bird's nest from one of our trees inside it and am hand rearing it. Poor little thing was so hungry that I thought it was being agressive. It is doing much better now. It is active and eats good about every two hours. Which means not much sleep for me but I cannot just let it die either. So now, we are rehabilitating a morning dove along with the other animals here who need it.
Well, time to feed the bird, then off to finish up some chores in the barn. Then back inside to do dishes, make phone calls and get some stuff prepared for a few meetings that we need to do tomorrow at the Farm Show...
I pray that everyone has a fantastic day and God Bless you all!

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