Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rainy Days

Well, needless to say. Everything has turned on it's head now that harvest time is here. We have been making jar upon jar of various kinds of pickles. We have already completed some where around 6 gallons of pickles. They all look so beautiful stacked in the jars! I am so happy that we had such a great harvest of cucumbers this year. We have also managed to get enough beets to make several batches of potato and beet salad and some extras that we canned. We have had tons of lettuce straight from the garden, for around 6 weeks now, we have had fresh lettuce with dinner everyday. We have pulled around 20 pieces of squash that we have made into various things to eat or blanched and froze for soups this winter. We have pulled out more peas and beans out of the garden then I ever thought possible. The potatoes are not ready yet but there are around 70 we should have enough to get us through the winter months!
Our steer is just about ready to head off to the butcher. According to his measurements, he weighs around 1200 pounds now. Not too shabby for a jersey.
Our chickens are going through molt now and have cut back on egg production. But there is just enough being layed everyday to provide for our customers and a few left over for us. We only eat eggs with breakfast a couple days a week, but I use several of them a week to make my own mayonaise. I have also discovered that the chickens we raised this spring for meat go a long ways on the dinner table. We cooked one about a week ago in the rotisserre. Rich and I ate a bunch of it that night (til our bellies were full). Then the following day, I pulled off a bunch of the meat and made chicken salad enough for around six sandwiches. After mixing up the chicken salad, I looked at the carcass and there was still a bunch of meat on the bone, so I boiled the reminder off the bone. I then used the meat and mixed it with gravy and fresh vegetables. I stored it in the refrigertor and the next night we had chicken and bisquits for dinner. There was still extra meat left! So, I made up a batch of chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles. I took the soup to Rich's parents and shared the meal with them. I didn't realize that there was so much meat on one of those birds!
It is raining here today, so things are a bit slower. A good day to catch up with old friends and do some updates. I am still working on some pickles today but it isn't so fast paced and relentless today. The animals are all quiet, that is except the dog who wants to be outside but doesn't want to be in the rain.
We managed to get third cutting done of the hay field this week too! I can hardly believe it but this year has been a great year for hay! That's good because we are going to need extra this year due to the extra calves this year. Belle, our adopted cow, is doing great! She is steadily regaining the weight she so desperately needed. We are going to have AI done on her this month. That means she will calf out in May. A little bit later in the spring than we really wanted, but between everything else that has gone on, there just hasn't been the time. I don't mind her calving out in May. The weather will be better by then and we shouldn't have to worry so much about the cold. I am actually out looking now for an additional heifer. I am not activily searching, just watching and listening for one. If it is meant to be, then it will happen.
Well, time for me to get off this computer and get some of the house cleaned up. It is difficult to keep up with two dogs and two men in this house. Today will be a good day to get somethings done inside, not that there is really a lot to do.
God Bless you all! Have a great day!

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