Saturday, August 14, 2010

Down by One

Well, after a hectic morning...we are now down by one animal here on the farm. Our steer, Buck, was slaughtered and went to the butcher this morning. I will miss him dearly but not his attitude. It is hard sometimes to say goodbye to an animal that you have raised for over a year and spent a great deal of time with them. Still, it needed to be done. He was fast becoming a safety hazard around the farm. He was hurting the calves, was destroying things and was hurting me on occassion as well.
He went off in quarters weighing in around 455 pounds of carcus, after hide, head and internals were removed. That should put somewhere around 225 lbs of meat in the freezer for the winter. And there is nothing like home raised meat!
I shed a few tears as he lay there on the ground, but he had been a good boy most of his life and now needed to serve his purpose. I know, I know...It may sound horrible but really, you just need to put it in your mind that he was raised to feed you. That he had a good life and lacked for nothing. His life had been mapped out to become meat for our freezer and the only way to get him there was to do what had to be done.
I am sure that he is in good hands now, enjoying a lush green pasture with a big ol' shade tree...I can almost see him laying there under the tree, chewing his cud and wagging his tail. I am sure that once in awhile, some man or woman will come by to stratch that secret spot on the top of his head or rub his fat belly. I will hopefully get to see him again someday when I pass on to the next world.
Yeah, a few tears are slipping down my cheeks but, again, I know that he was predestined to become food for our home. I also know that he will live on forever in my memories and in my heart. He was, generally speaking, a good boy. I know that God can now enjoy him as much as I have and I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to be able to raise him and supply food for my home.
So, I ask you, on this sad and somber day, please remember my Buck and say a prayer for him in heaven...if only to say "Hello"...Buck would like that.
God Bless you all and keep you safe from any harm. May you find the peace and mercy all your days.

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