Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reflection and movement

I get up this morning with a bunch of stuff floating on my mind. After our great meeting yesterday, my head is filled full of ideas on how to incorporate sustainability in our region into a learning program. An education program that could start in high school and continue through to a four year college degree. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to help lay the ground work for the future of our local youths. I am excited to see where the group we meet with yesterday can develop this model. Of course, I volunteered more of my time to help on this project. Only because it plans a system from the ground up. A program that could assist people to that aren't typical involved in the agricultural sector to become familiar with all of the different aspects that can be involved.

I got up early this morning and decided to spend some time reading through some information for personal development and read through some things that friends have posted on facebook. I am going to cover both areas seperate, just because I think they are both equally important.

The first is personal development. As many of you already know, there are many things that I struggle to try to overcome in my life to make me a better person. To develop into an adult that actually stand being in the same room with herself. Recently, I watched a clip from an interview on the Today Show about a book called "The 7: The seven wonders that will change your life". As I read through the quotes and the blogs, I began to think to myself, "Where was this book three years ago? Where was this doctor when I was growing up?" Mr. Farmer watched the video clip of their reality eposides with me last night and even he thinks that this book is a definite purchase! Even he was interested in the things they were discussing.
I will be sharing some of that information, but if you would like to visit the site, please visit The 7.

The second thing is a video of a young girl and her daddy singing together. Feel free to watch! Home is where ever I am with very true!

EMBED-Little Girl Covers 'Home' With Her Dad - Watch more free videos

The farm is doing well, the heat lamps are helping greatly to deal with these freezing temperatures. The water is still freezing, hard to not freeze when the temperature sat at 1 degree this morning. It is going to be tough over the next couple of days due to freezing temperatures and high winds. The wind chill factor is forecasted to bring the temperatures down to around 15 to 20 degrees below zero! I will be bringing in firewood for the fireplace...that you are guaranteed! It makes it tough to do chores. You walk out the front door and your nose hairs instantly freeze! Your fingers get cold even through the warmest gloves possible. I have no idea how the people who live in Alaska do this! I wish I could be like Mr. Farmer and lay in bed under the nice toaster covers all day...but I have way too much pent up energy all the time to do that! I need to get up and move, bounce from one thing to the next and feel like I actually get something accomplished.

Well...I am off for the now. I think I may actually go sit in front of the tv and watch a video. Maybe doing some crocheting while I do. I just need some hand motion to keep my thoughts from over taking my head today. Hope that everyone here in NY stays warm! God Bless!

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