Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whirling Minds

My life over the past years has been full of twists and turns. Being on a track to figure out what I really want to do and who I really am, I have discovered several things. It is rare to find people who don't criticise you for what you believe in. I don't mind a good debate of differing opinions and view points, actually I rather enjoy debating. It stimulates my mind, shows me different perspectives and gives me ideas on non-debating topics. My mind is always working on something or thinking something trying to gain a different perspective.
Just yesterday, I had two separate events that my mind is still reeling over. The first is the perspective of a photograph. Shelby Lee Adams is a photographer that has create many images of the people of Appalachia. These folks are poor by society’s standards. They offend some. To me, I see beauty. My perspective is different though. I came from a background where money was scarce. When I look at those photos, I know how close my family was to that exact same way of living. When I look at those photos, I see a different way of life. They remind me of how many used to live "back in the day"; times when things were different. It makes me see how far and how much society has grown. Look at the difference in just education. The biggest thing pointed out is how comfortable our lives are. Central heating, plumbing, electricity, phones, internet and so many things we have in our lives every day that some take for granted. I envy the closeness of family and the simple life of hard work to just survive.
Growing up, my family didn't have much. Money was always tight. We didn't have a nice house; we lived in a single wide mobile home. My parents drove old rust buckets that half the time was broke down. I got hand me down clothes. I know people looked down on me...and I didn't care. I had my daddy to hug me every night and my grandparent's tried to keep me in line (Yeah, I was a hellion). My uncle's were always there to teach me something new. I didn't need anything more in life.
I was jealous back then though...jealous of the nice new clothes and the beautiful things the other girls had. I know I was always an outsider everywhere I went...BUT at the end of the day...the life that has always made sense to me is more like that of those backwoods hillbilly's. Work hard, play hard and love more....I really miss my early days :(

The second thing that I have noticed is how secular people are becoming. I follow politics. I do have an opinion that may differ from others. I am a conservative but, I listen to all sides. No matter how much I may disagree with someone else's opinion, I do still HONOR them. I just think that no matter what, we all need to remember one thing...we are AMERICAN! Political preferences should not make a difference in who we choose as friends, which should be based on the individual and their own actions and integrity. I was told recently that pushing the "We are all American" button is weak. I beg to differ, I am an American. I am damn proud of what my forefathers did throughout history to attempt to find a better way of life, not only for their own generation but those that followed. I don't care if it is a tired argument or not. The additional comment that this same individual said is this..."If you are a righty, then we can't be friends anymore." How pathetic! So just because I don't share the same political view points, you are what? Better than me? I don't think so. That because I am a conservative, you are more educated than me? Again, I don't think so. I was raised to listen to what other people have to say, even if I didn't agree with it. I was also taught that you never base friendships off race, politics or religion. It just amazes me how truly narrow minded some individuals really are. The "my way of thinking or the highway" is a button that should be eliminated.
Maybe I just have the wrong perspective on everything....and please, if you think so...don't hesitate to comment.

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  1. I think your in the right mind set. If someone cant take you for who you are then forget them, you didn't want to be friends with them anyway. Everyone has a different opinion and a different way to do something. And that's how it's supposed to be. If we all thought the same way then how dull would life be? There would be no great music, literature, theater, art, nothing. Life would be completely dull and boring. We might as well be all a certain height, color of eyes, religion, and ect. I'm sorry but there's a reason that Hitler and everyone else who tried this, failed.