Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Afternoon Calf Update

The calf is doing much better this afternoon. The electrolytes seemed to help him...he is full of energy now but still to weak. He tried to run but he ended up falling down because he couldn't steady himself. I think he is going to be just fine, we will find out tomorrow if he is doing better!
I managed to get about 2/3 of the sign done and about 1/4 of the lawn picked up. Almost time to go back out and feed the calf again at about six and then another round of electrolytes at eight.

The dog is hot and sleeping in the bedroom door now where the breeze is blowing through between the bedroom and living room and dining room area. The other one refuses to come inside. It turned out to be about 85 degrees here today. I am going to sit inside for a few more minutes discussing with Rich the stuff for what needs to be done over the next week and a half for the biomass business. Then it is back to work feeding animals, then fixing dinner, doing dishes, another load of laundry and then back out to the barn to lock the chickens and turkeys up for the night, AND THEN it is my time. It will be about 9 pm before all is done.

Hope everyone is outside enjoying the weather! Best wishes! And more to come tomorrow!!!

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