Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shivery Saturday

We had a lot of rain blow through yesterday afternoon into last night that brought behind it some cooler weather. The temperature is suppose to continue to drop and we actually have the possibility of snow showers! Snow in April...yuck!

No new calves yesterday. The people who are giving them to us are in the process of selling the heifers/momma's and they don't want to have to milk them for a week until the new owners will pick them up next Friday. It messed my plans up, but it will be good for the calves to have mother's milk for another week. That just means I won't have to give them so much milk replacer.
Junior is doing better, much better. He is now getting up and down on his own. He still limps on his one back leg and after checking it yesterday, there is definately some muscle damage there. Time will take care of that, if we can keep him from trying to run. He is eating is food really well now. He has started eating a little of his gain and drink water on his own from a bucket. I am glad to see him up and around but the boy has a bad attitude. He is extremely stubborn and does everything exactly the opposite of what you want him to do.
Buck decided yesterday that he doesn't like the lawn mower but he does like Pepsi. As I was cleaning out the calf area, I used the wagon on the lawn mower with the wagon behind it to transport the used hay from the pen to the outdoor boiler to burn it. Buck decided that he wanted to try to eat the seat, which got him into trouble. Then he decided the start head butting it...which is not good...he actually pushed the thing about 6 inches around the ground sideways! That managed to get him into big trouble. After he got swatted in the horn with a thin board, he decided it was time to check out my drink. I had a plastic cup with Pepsi and ice in it. You should have seen him licking the soda! He drank about 1/3 of the cup! Dumb animal would eat anything, I think. He has torn apart a snow mobile seat. He has torn apart plastic bags and attempted to eat them. He has chewed on the metal portion of our shovel. He chewed up the leads on a brand new battery charger. He seems to have a real taste for anything plastic! Needless to say, he doesn't have a plastic bucket for food or water...they didn't last long. He doesn't have anything plastic anywhere near him anymore! Another reason why the new style fencing wasn't an option.
We managed to get the whole hill, other than the one good hay field, all plowed up yesterday afternoon. I think the planting will take place either Monday or Tuesday. It depends on when the gentleman with the air driller makes it here. All of the farmers around here are using him this year. The big farm up the hill from us has had excellent results for two years now, so we all signed a community contract to get the planting done. It was actually less money per acre than what we could do it ourselves for. It will be good to see some corn growing up here!
Heading to the Farm Supply Store and an Equipment dealer today, since it is suppose to rain all day. It will be a good day to go look at a new tractor and a few pieces of haying equipment. Tractor and new baler is what we are specifically after. We have been doing some research on the new Massey Ferguson tractors. They have some new technology that will come in handy and are the most fuel efficient for thier size. We are going to look at a Krone Big Pack Baler today too. They are awesome balers and we have wanted one for a couple of years now. A couple of the area farmers have told us if we get it, they will hire us to do all of their baling for them. Atleast that would assist with the payments.
Time for me to get in the shower and get ready to leave by 8 am. It takes an hour to get to the Ag Dealer and I want to be there when they open at nine.
Have a great day and God Bless!

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