Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another day, Another issue to deal with......

The title says it all....
I am dealing with a very weak little calf at the moment. He is having issues standing up on his own this morning. I am now giving him a bout of electrolytes. I hope that this will help him out.
I have figuring that he managed to get dehydrated at the auction barn the other day. I am sure that his new momma is going to get him doing better before very long.
Buck, our original bull, is so interested in the little tyke but he turns up his nose is disgust everytime he gets near Junior. Animals are so funny sometimes. Like the turkeys who want to fight but have no idea how! Turkeys are so dumb. And...we have 30 more coming at any time!
The calf is scared out of his mind of the chickens. I think they just move toooooo fast for him to keep track of them all. Junior is curious and interested in things, he is just weak. He is eating great. He was extremely thirsty yesterday, that is why I am assuming dehydration.
Rich came home from work last night to inform me that we have two more calves coming sometime this week. I don't mind but they are Holstiens. I don't want holstiens but I will take care of them and hopefully, I will be able to find them suitable homes once they are stable and out of the woods, so to speak.
The animals are all loving this beautiful weather we are having around here....too bad there is rain expected tomorrow. I have barns that I need to clean and tons of yard work to do. Rich still needs to fix the lawn mower (the deck has a broken pin) and we need a new battery for the four wheeler. Everything is broken around here! Rich's truck is still in the shop because it is a piece of junk and the brakes went out on Friday. So...he is driving my truck that I use to make trips to town to pick up groceries and such. I really didn't realize how much I actually use my truck around on the farm. I use it to haul garbage, move lumber around, move stuff from the storage area in the back of the barn to the house and back, to haul feed and even to load up stuff out of the lawn like broken trees. You need to understand, I am not a lazy person. Our lawn and barn area is just over 5 acres. Too far to continue dragging broken branches up and down the hill to get them to the furnace to burn them.
I cleaned out part of the flower bed yesterday through the "showers" we had here. Need to get the rest of it finished today. Need to figure out where I am going to build my raised gardens to plant my veggies this year. Need my truck to haul the stupid lumber, but I guess I will just have to use the tractor and put the forks back on. There is a mess out in front of the furnace that needs to be cleaned up, that I need the wagon behind the four wheeler or lawn mower for. I need to get the wood splitter and LOGS out of the lawn and over in the log yard (yes we have alot going on around here). Rich needs to saw up some 2x4's when he gets home today. I need to get the whole barn cleaned up...the stupid wind managed to blow sawdust all over the place inside the barn. I need to get the deck cleaned off and bleached so the next time we have a few nice days in a row, we can get the deck fixed and sealed. I need to finish a sign that I started working on over the weekend. Oh yeah, the garage needs to be cleaned out, the hot water heater that leaks needs to be fixed (it is outside, thank heavens) and spring cleaning inside the house needs to be done!!!!
I have so many things to do...yet here I sit.
Oh yeah....We finally got notice that we have financing in place for the new business!!!! Will take about two weeks to get everything set to sign the check! HAHAHA...just another thing to add to my busy hectic life!
Time to go back out and get something done...will update more later!!!

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