Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Addition Day Tomorrow

Well, all of the fence posts are up and we are stringing the wire tomorrow. We had three great helpers come up to help us finish up today. Leah helped me move the posts to the holes. Seth assisted with the digging of the holes as best as he could and helped us find the holes to set the poles into. Caleb helped carry some of the poles and he helped collect the chicken eggs. It is amazing how much these three kids love the farm and all that goes along with it. They are now coming up every morning to help with morning feedings and care for the all the animals. Like I have said before...this fills a gap in my life that I never thought would be touched again. These wonderful kids have touched my heart and they feel just like family!

The calf is doing well and his leg is healing very quickly. It is still going to take a bit of time but he is doing great considering the rough shape he was in before. It is great to see him out walking, jumping with his front legs and even attempting to run. I am so honored to have him still be here with us and I give thanks to God for allowing him to remain with us.
Buck is doing well. He is going to love having the extra room to run once all of the fencing is up.
The two new babies will be here tomorrow afternoon...and now, we think that one of the heifers is coming too! This fits right in with my plans for what I want for the farm. If she comes, I will have a cow here to help feed the calves and once they are weaned then I will be able to milk her so I can make cheese and butter! This would be perfect. I am sitting here right now waiting for the return phone call to let us know whether she is coming or not. I would love to have her here with us! She will have lots of room too with all of this new fence we are building too!
The baby chicks that were adopted last weekend are doing great even if they are a little spoiled by Leah. She comes in everyday to hold them. She even has one of them trained now so it sleeps in her arms. Caleb does a great job making sure that they have fresh food and water every time he comes.
Rich's parents even think that it is funny how all the neighboor's animals and kids have started adopting me into their lives. They think that it is grand that Leah, Seth and Caleb come up to visit all the time. I wish you could hear them picking on me about my new kids! I will take all the haressment because these kids are great!
We still aren't ready for the new turkeys that are coming. Guess it is a good thing that we have another week left before they are suppose to be here. you know, the kids are all picking on me today. They had to come up this afternoon to make sure that I was okay after FALLING off the back of the pickup today. This is the first time ever in my life. I was hiding on the tailgate since the front seat had buckets and new food dishes on it. Rich was driving around the end of the new fence posts and we were dropping the braces for the corner posts off. Well, needless to say, Rich went over a couple of bumps, bumped the tail gate up in the air and I popped right off. Thankfully, I didn't get hurt too bad (my wrist is a little sore). All it really did was hurt my pride when the kids were all laughing at me.
Well.......there is a mental picture for ya today to laugh at. God Bless You all and Have a great night! going to bed very, very soon!

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