Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy Days

Well, Rich and I spent a weekend at home for the most part. We went and ordered fence posts and cared for animals but that was about it. With the cold weather and rain here, there wasn't much else to do really. We rested up this weekend. I slept more in the past two days than I have in weeks of normal sleep. It has been nice to just lounge around!

We had two of our Rhode Island Red Chickens leave Friday evening and four more chicks come today. It was kind of a rescue deal and they were free, so I took them.
The calf is doing really well. He is progressing nicely but he still tries to overdue it when it comes to walking around. His back leg is still very wobbly but he is getting better. The tom turkeys have decided that it is great to fight, so tomorrow I will have to seperate them into different areas or find a new home for one of them.

Tommorrow is going to be a busy day. I need to get ready for the new turkey poults that should be here toward the end of the week. I need to get one of the rooms cleaned out in the back of the barn that has been used for storage. I want to get the floor layered with sawdust and hay, get the water and feed buckets all disinfected, and get the heat lights installed and put up. I need to get the floor of the barn cleaned up again too. There is some poop piles that have to be moved to the compost pile. The poultry barn needs another quick cleaning too. I want to take the dogs for a run tomorrow too since they have been couped up in the house with us all weekend. To top it all off...the lawn is going to need to be mowed either tomorrow or Tuesday.
I need to go gather a few slate field stones for one of the neighboors in the morning and delivery them along with a couple dozen eggs too. The new kids that moved in next door are suppose to be coming up tomorrow too to help out around the farm. They are going to work with me to earn themselves some chickens. They want to raise chickens and this will be a good way for them to learn how to take care of them. I am willing to work with them until they understand. I will work with them just like my grandparents did with me.
I can't wait til we get the fencing put up. It will be nice to have a larger area for the steers to move around in...I also can't wait until I can get out into the garden to get our seeds planted. The lye mixture is finishing nicely, I had to add more ashes today but it is getting there. Another thing I can't wait to do is to get it done so I can make homemade soap.
I have so many things to do, so many things that I want to many things that I have chosen to do and learn....
Have I told you all how much I love my farm life!
Will write more tomorrow.
God Bless!

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