Friday, April 23, 2010

New Fence...Awaiting Delivery

Well, part of the new fence is up. We are taking a break for the moment, waiting for the delivery of two new calves and a registered jersey heifer! We ended up getting her for $300, well below her market value! The lady who had her can not afford the grain bill anymore and was going to shoot her. I just couldn't see wasting a perfectly good heifer. So, Rich and I are buying her and soon we will be able to milk her (we are waiting until her calf is weane) and then have fresh milk. I will be able to make cheese and butter from scratch again just like my Gram used to! I am so please and so exhausted.
We bought all of the kids a new pair of gloves today so they could have them to wear when they come help work on the farm. Caleb drove the tractor for a few minutes today (in a fairly straight line) and laughed the whole entire time. He had such fun driving slow and chasing after his brother and sister. Leah absolutely loves spending time with the calf, who is situated in his new pen area. Norman, as he is called now, isn't very thrilled with the move but he will do much better when the other calves arrive. Hopefully everyone will get along well and we don't have any issues.
Seth is the chicken man. He loves spending time with the chickens and the turkeys. He is the one who definately spends the most time with them. We don't have to worry about the barn getting dirty too bad because he makes sure that the chickens always have clean hay to lay eggs on, food in the dish and water in the jug. I think the only thing we have to worry about is them getting so fat they don't want to move.
Well...I am going to take my boots off, my hat off and just relax for a few. I am nursing an extremely sore hand and wrist and think that it is time for me to just sit here without using it for a few minutes.
Hope every one is having a productive day like we are here. God Bless and Have a great Friday night.

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