Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cold Weather and Warm Home

I am sitting on the couch right now, just inside from taking care of the cows. Between yesterday and today, things have been difficult trying to keep calves warm. The two new calves are managing with the cooler weather better than Norman is. Norman is having some difficulty with his back leg again and spent most of his time today inside a stall. I hate keeping him locked up like that but, I really don't know what else to do. I have to keep him so that he stays warm and doesn't injury his leg more than he already has. I feel so bad sometimes that I feel like crying.
Momma is doing well with the new addition and all of the attention that she is getting. She is doing much better and is starting to look better already.
Buck loves his new family, he actually knocked the fence down today so that he could spend time with them. The whole group wandered around the field together munching on the grass throughout the pasture. I didn't think that he would be as good with them as he is. I am impressed with how good his is with the calves.
The calves have names now. The redder colored one made a noise yesterday that sounded just like a person saying "Davy", so I started calling him Davey and he would pick up his head, stare straight at me, and even make a couple of steps toward me. So, as I was cleaning up the manure out of the barn, I started thinking of names that would go with Davy. The only reference to Davy that I could think of was Davy Crockett. To go along with that, all I could think of was Daniel Boone. The name of the strong-willed fuzzier calf is now Daniel or Danny or when he makes me mad...Danny-boy. After Rich assisted with moving them into the barn last night, he thinks that Danny is fast approaching 100 lbs. but the other two he puts at around 85-90 lbs. They will start gaining weight faster now that they are starting to eat grass and grain. Before I know it, I will have to start milking the cow.
Once I start milking though, I will be making butter and buttermilk as a side product along with working with Rich's Dad, Jim, to make cheese. He wants to make some and so do I, so we will work together on the first batch.

On another note, I am currently in the process of making copies of a 1971 version of Rich's family geneology that dates all the way back to 1800. It is amazing to see how many of the families here in the little town that we live in are actually related. No wonder why they treat all new people in town like's because we are! Atleast they aren't marrying within the town anymore. Hahahaha. Now most of the "spouses" are all from outlying townships. I think that this little town is actually a rarity anymore. It is almost a throw back to another time and place. The people here treat their neighboors with respect, but respectfully mind their own business unless their neighboor is in a time of need. I am proud to now be accepted as a part of this community. The community reminds me so much of my childhood, including the dependency upon Agriculture and the attitudes that people have toward their friends and family. I don't think that most people around here lock their doors and it isn't uncommon to wake up in the middle of night to hear someone knocking on the door because they need help due to a car in the ditch, a smashed car from a deer "run-in" or even to have someone come to the door after dark asking if we could come help catch a cow.
I wish that more places in the world were still like it is here! Remember, be kind to people, no matter what, because you never know what kind of problem they have or what is going through their minds. Sometimes all it takes if one simple question like "How are you today?" to save someone from committing suicide.
Wishing everyone the best and may God bless you in all that you do!

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