Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peaceful Sunday

Oh, what a relaxing day so far. I was up early this morning, but got to come back inside to take a nap from about 11 this morning to about 1 this afternoon. It seemed strange to be able to sleep during the day. After the past two days of very little sleep, it seems fantastic. I feel so well rested now.
The calf is doing much, much better. He is still very weak and can't stand up for very long, but his spirits are excellent and he is showing his stubborness more every hour. He is eating well and slowly regaining his strength. After seeing him so bad for the past week, it feels like a major accomplishment that he is doing so well now. Had one small episode with the bloodhound yesterday morning. The steer(Buck) decided that he wanted to come into the sick bay area for the calf. WELL....Rosie decided he didn't need to be in there and she actually tried nipping him to chase him out. She is the greatest mother dog. She loves all of "her" animals. One thing is for sure, she is protective.
Rosie, our bloodhound, is actually a rescue dog. She came from a local dog warden who had her for almost six months before they would release her. She was seriously dehydrated, abused and neglected when they got her. Her total body weight was only 43 lbs. She had worms so bad that the vet didn't think she was going to make it. After Lindsay, the care taker at the dog wardens, cared for her almost constantly for the first month, she began getting better. She told me when I went to look at Rosie that she was one of the worst cases she had ever dealt with.
Upon getting Rosie, she weighed in at a whole 58 lbs. She was still extremely thin and scared to death of men. She is still very, very shy around new people and still doesn't want to be around unknown men. It took her almost three months to "love" up to Rich. She now goes to our neighboors house on a regular morning visit for "biscuits" and plays really well with their dog Emma. It took her a year before she would step foot inside their garage. She now weighs in at a whopping 84 lbs. She is the sweetest and kindest dog I have ever had the opportunity to have. She rides with me when I run to town or to the feed store. She goes with me when I go to the pond. She is very rarely away from my side.
We only have one small section of the property to get plowed up now, approximately 25 to 30 acres. We should be able to get that done sometime this week. We found out yesterday afternoon that our turkey poults (30 Heritage Breed) should be here sometime around the 26th of this month. That means we have two weeks to get everything set up for their arrival.
We still need to put in some new fencing, that is this next weeks project I think. We need to work on getting one of the barns fixed too...It is a dome and needs ends put on it this year.
The weather is sunny and beautiful here today. It's not to warm but, not too cold either. The wind has finally died down too. I need to get outside and get some more pictures of the local barns taken today. I have taken many photos of the area farms, as a way of preserving them for future generations. Right now though, I am working with a local painter that has requested photographs to work from. This of course, is not an issue for me. I will be taking reprints of her work to hang in our offices of the new business as payment for the photographs. She is a fantastic painter and I can't wait to see some of her new work.
Well, time to get outside, enjoy the weather and take a road trip around to take some photos. Enjoy your Sunday all. God Bless!

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