Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a day!

Today isn't even over yet and I feel like I have accomplished so many things already. I had the calf out this morning and decided that since he was outside lounging in the sun and sniffing would be a good time as any to mow our three acre lawn.
So...I mowed the lawn and part of the log yard and extended the animal "play zone". I even mowed a path for the where the new fencing is going to be. It is going to be about double the area available right now. I can't wait to get it in.
The calf spent about six hours outside absorbing up the sun today...he spent most of that time on his feet...something he hasn't done since we brought him home. He is eating well...very well actually. His 1/2 gallon of milk in the morning wasn't enough today, so he actually started nibbling on some of his sweet feed! This is also another first. He drank about the same amount of water this afternoon but with the additional movement today, I am going to say that he will probably be drinking another batch this afternoon.
I went out with the camera for a bit this afternoon, as those of you who are friends on facebook know. Buck was a camera hog today...he has decided that he really likes the flavor of my camera strap! Junior even cooperated enough so that I could get some photos of the two of them together. Buck got a little rough with his attention getting toward the end, but it was adorable to watch.
I had a blast out sitting on the ground with the chickens to take pictures. They decided it was a good time to mess with my toenails (which are painted hot pink by the way). Apparently they reminded them of worms or bugs because they didn't want to leave them alone. You nice thing, atleast they don't care that I need to file my toe nails or that the polish is all cracked and worn off. I don't know, maybe they of them was cackling in my ear like a mad woman! Haha! Atleast they weren't trying to peck my earrings out today. Those girls like my little diamonds...gotta watch them everytime I get near them.
Our guy that was going to come pick up the Rhode Islands isn't coming until the end of the week now. I don't mind but I had rearranging my schedule to fit time in for him...and then he doesn't show...but...atleast he called to let me know.
Well, back outside soon to do my nightly feedings and maybe work on pulling weeds again...I left a flower bed this spring and now it is extremely overgrown with grass and weeds. I think once I get most of the grass pulled out, I will go get a couple loads of wood mulch (from a local logging company that gives me all I want). Maybe I will get some time to do that tomorrow. I have a ton of other weeds that I would like to get out of the area around the barn tomorrow too, but I don't want to layer that with wood chips. I just want to get that area back into shape so I can mow there once a week.
Any way...things to do...never enough time to really relax...but I am loving everything that is going on!
God Bless and See you again tomorrow.

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