Friday, April 9, 2010

It's going to be a long night....

Norman Junior took a turn for the worse this afternoon. He is very, very weak and can not stand on his own anymore. The vet said to keep him warm, give him antibiotics and spread his feed, electrolyte and water times apart. I feel so bad for him. The poor little guy is eating very well, which is a great sign. He is still stubborn, trying to butt more food out of his feeder. Doc J says that this is a very good sign. Doc J says he thinks between the cold, windy day today and still dealing with dehydration issues...Norman Junior is just having a really rough day. I have about 12 inches of hay under him, like always, but now he is covered with a blanket and an old sheet to assist with keeping him warm. Right now he is buried under a pile of hay on top of the old blanket. He was doing a little bit better when I went out at 8 pm. He seemed a little bit more lively, he was moving all over under the blankie...something he wasn't doing at all when I went out at 4 pm.
So on the new feeding, electrolyte and watering schedule...He needs attention every two hours for atleast the next two to three days. Let's start at the 8pm. electrolytes. 10pm warm water, Midnight 1 liter of milk replacer, 2am electrolytes, 4am 1 liter warm water, 6am milk, 8am electrolytes, 10am water, see that is going to be a long couple of days.
With the weather the way it is, this is something that needs to be done though. It turned out to be a whole high of 44 degrees today. With the cold wind blowing and so much moisture in the air from the storm that blew through last night, it felt down right freezing out there tonight. When I went to the grocery store this evening at about 5, it was actually blowing snowflakes around! I came home to find the boys out plowing part of the field. I wish that I had time to get some pictures of that, but of course I didn't have the time. I had dinner to fix and then as soon as dinner was done, it was time to go feed the calf. I fed the calf, came in to eat dinner, did dishes and then it was time to give the calf more electrolytes, make sure the chickens and turkeys were all in to shut them in for the night.
We had an eventful day here today. We have new neighboors that move in that have three children under the age of 11, a young lady and two little boys. They decided to come up for a "field trip" today. Of course, I love having any kids come to visit, so I can teach them about how each animal we have here on the farm is different. I explain to them all about how much I care for each one and I respect what each animal does for me. We talked about planting a garden and what kind of vegetables they like and what kinds I like. We talked about how when you have animals you use their manure for fertilizer for your garden to make your veggies grow better. We even talked about the nitrogen difference between poultry manure and cow manure. We talked about how many times a day you need to milk a cow for fresh milk! These kids are all extremely smart...and their mom should be extremely proud! She home schools all of them...and just let me explain that it has been a very, very long time since I have talked with kids who have so many manners and understand that animals are put here on earth for a purpose. They also understood the whole waste not, want not system! These kids are great and I can't wait until they come up to go fishing with me at our pond!!! They remind me so much of my own!
Today was a relatively quiet day other than the 15 or 20 phone calls that came through. Next week is going to be busy. There are a ton of local racecar driver who want photos taken of their cars before the first race of the year next Friday...I have 11 booked for this coming week already! Practice night was tonight at the track, which I can actually see from the deck on the back of the house. One week from today until the end of September, I will get to listen to the rumble and roar every Friday night and a few Sunday afternoons! The first tractor pull of the year is Memorial Day weekend, which I have been booked to shoot since last September. It is so great to know that picture season is here! I can't wait for it all to start...I have the greatest job! I get to watch some of the races at the local dirt track, I get to watch the motocross races that are about two miles down the road, I get to go to the tractor pulls....AND...I get the best seat in the house!!!! Can not beat that when you get paid to go and do something you love.
I think I am going to sit down now and read some more from a great book about the History of America until it is time for me to go back outside to give the calf his warm water. I just have this driving need lately to learn more more more on everything! It is crazy but I am loving it!

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