Monday, April 12, 2010


What a wonderful night! Hahaha. Not really. I have been awake all night long!!! I am so tired but the pain in my neck is driving me insane. Painkillers aren't working and everytime I move, something goes hay wire and either my lower jaw goes numb, I get dizzy or my right arm goes numb. It seems like laying down would help but it only seemed to make it worse!

So, here I sit at 4:30 in the morning, tired as hell, yet again! This has got to stop, I need to sleep! LOL

Oh well, that's what coffee is made for and since I have a hectic week this week, I might as well just deal with it.

Any way, so I am reading this book about American History that got me to thinkin'...which is not good sometimes....
Any one who knows anything about how our country was founded knows that we have life extremely easy in this day and age. How is it that so many have forgotten what it is like to fend for themselves? I am not talking about every home having chickens for eggs and a cow for milk. I am talking about people who actual appreciate a good days labor. I remember how hard my Grandpa worked. He, being a small dairy farmer, worked a full time job and the farm to support his family. Of course they had six kids that all needed clothes and food but still....
I remember a time when we didn't buy all of our clothes off the rack, some of them were homemade. Dresses for me every Easter. The only thing "store" bought was a new pair of shoes. Maybe I was just raised different...
My parent's didn't buy too much food that came from a "box" as my Dad used to say. We always had a garden for fresh veggies and we either canned them or froze them. We didn't rush to the grocery store to buy a can of peas.
We never had the "newest" cars or trucks, we had older, steady and sound vehicles. I think the newest car I ever saw my family own was a Ford Fiesta. My dad bought it to drive back and forth to work to save money on gas....WHEN IT WAS LIKE $1.50 A GALLON. Can you imagine???
Hell, my family didn't even have a phone in the house until 1991! Imagine the crap I got from classmates on that! And now, no one lives without a cell phone.
So, anyways, back to my original thought.....How would people survive today without electicity, tv, computer, phones and so on?????? How many people would actually die because they could drive to the store??? I think the thing that made me think of reading a book yesterday, it states that 50% of all people between the ages of 18 and 25, do not know how to locate NY on the map!!! I mean come on...the state with what the second or third highest population. The state that was the "hub" of our government before the creation of Washington, DC. What are these kids actually learning in schools now? How to go to BestBuy and purchase a new video game????
I can't believe how "lazy" our society has become!!!!
On top of that, most people take no interest in what goes on around them. They don't care what happens to their neighboors, the corner store in Podunk, or even what happens to local, historical landmarks. Don't you remember the people who lived next to your parent's when you were a kid? Don't you remember the person who worked at the check out in that little Five and Dime your parent's shopped in??? Don't you remember passing that landmark or taking a field trip to see it and learn why it was there???
Things were different back then. That's what people keep telling me. Well, would someone explain to me how the are??? Because the only thing I see, is that people can not be "bothered" with thier neighboors. They don't care if the corner store closes because Big Business moved in and things are cheaper there. (I am all for saving money but is this really the best way to do it???) Who cares about that local landmark, it's just an eyesore now because NO ONE IS WILLING TO PUT IN A LITTLE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF IT!
We are all lazy, lazy, lazy people!!!
I atleast know who my neighboors are...BY NAME. I visit with them when I can and they are always (always, no matter what) invited to any cookout or function we may have here. If our neighboors call and need a hand, we are the first to go help out and lend a hand. Our door is open to anyone who needs help......WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU OPENED YOUR DOOR TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDED HELP???? Are your neighboors down on their luck??? Low on cash?? Need help with food??? (And don't give me that crap about that is what Welfare is for!) If they had a fire, would you give them a place to stay? Have you offer to include them in a cook out just for some laughter???
Now....let's move on to jobs! People complain about the lack of employment....let's think about this...How come it is cheaper and better for a farmer (large farm) to hire immigrants?????? HMMMMMM...let's see..BECAUSE THEY APPRECIATE THE PAY AND THEY BUST THEIR ASS FOR WHAT THEY DO GET! So, how many jobs do you see taken at your local farm by immigrants?? Quite a few I bet. People are too lazy to work that hard. Hell, you can't get them to work at McDonald's, how are they gonna fair on a farm??? Now here is the real issue....when you purchase groceries from somewhere like Aldi's or Wal-mart...where do you think most of those products are grown, made or packaged? It sure isn't here in the states, and if it is, it is usually California or Florida. Why??? Because they can hire people cheaper...cheaper labor equals cheaper products. The best thing we can all do for the ecomony is to buy local or as local as possible. We need to teach American's how to be American's again. We should value a job, no matter what it is, and do it with pride. I think we are getting closer to this point...
Speaking of not being able to live without TV, cell phones and so is a funny story for ya......
Rich's nephew is in the Army. He is due to ship out to Korea any day now. His girlfriend is worried about keeping communication with him. (We all are.) But here is where I busted up laughing! The conversation went something like this....
Girlfriend..."We are going to have to switch cell phone carriers because then we will be able to Skype to communicate while Kyle is overseas."
Her friend...."Why don't you just use the computer?"
Girlfriend..."He doesn't have one and the service is limited for internet."
Me...."Hmmmm...what about pen and paper?"
Girlfriend...."Oh my, postage would be insane and it takes forever to get there and I wouldn't get to talk to him everyday."
I don't even know if she really knows how to address an envelope! I am sorry...but that was just too funny to me. WOW, can you imagine how different the soldier's would have been in WWII? Vietnam?? Korea??? What the hell! I mean com'mon...he is military! That is part of life and part of being in the service. I guess I am just old fashioned. I have too much faith in humanity, too much respect for my neighboor and too much ingenuity to ever become what others have. I guess I just view things differently than most..........................................

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