Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project Time

Well, Rich decided after two hours of work this morning that he was taking the rest of the day AND the rest of the week off from work. The weather is suppose to be good most of the days so we will be able to get a ton of projects done.
We worked this afternoon and got the majority of the fence posts set. We still need to brace the corners, build gates and then string the wire but the worst part is done. It is tough work breaking the hole in the ground with a pry bar and then beating them into the ground. We also had to cut the ends of the posts with the chain saw to get them points because we saved a considerable amount by purchasing them unpointed. I don't use the chainsaw...ever! Rich ran the saw while I moved the posts around from the back of the truck, held them so they could be cut, and then loaded them onto the forks of the tractor. Then Rich dug the holes and I placed the poles. I am exhausted now to say the least.
Tomorrow, we are building the area for the little chicks and working more on the fencing. I will update, hopefully with some photos soon.
Good Night and God Bless

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