Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have no words that can express to any of you the emotions that are whirling through me right now....After ten months of long hours, hard work and a boat load of research the business plan is complete! I am elated! There are no words to express the feelings of getting the final approval on the plan...I am so proud that I have completed this project in ten months. The feasibility study is back...and the project astounded the economic professor! I feel relieved, amazed, proud, and so much more...but now begins the real gritty portion of all of this. Time to file for LLC's, trademarks, EIN numbers and so much more....It doesn't seem like such a daunting task now though!
Our deadline is June 30th...and right now I am about three weeks ahead of schedule! So I will keep plugging away until I get this done! More late nights like last night when I was up until 1 am. But, as each step counts down, I feel a little bit more pressure come off me and a little bit more relaxed. I will keep everyone informed and I am hoping to have a website up tomorrow for you to review and think about!
Off to work more and then chores later! Rich's son should be here this evening so there is still much to get done today....
God Bless you all and enjoy your night...I will be back tomorrow!

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