Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deadlines and Advancements

Well, the newest information that I can share is that our plan for the new business is nearly complete! One last step to do and then we are still waiting for one part of the technical study to be completed....I have managed to secure enough money through Guaranteed Loan Programs now!!!! Today provided me with the final approval on everything!!!

Since August of last year, I have committed many, many hours to developing this business plan....The further I research and wrote, the more information I gathered, are all coming to an end with us actually having a viable plan! This all makes so much sense now that I have all of the information and I can't wait to get out there working with the "public" on this!

Our new deadline is fast approaching....everything needs to be set in stone by June 30th...but our goal is May 30th! I am so excited to be in the last and final stages of the planning part...I am so excited that we are getting so close to moving forward, to being able to get the machinery needed! I will keep everyone updated as I go...but time is short and there are still so many things to finalize details on.

The animals are all doing well...nothing adventurous with them today...Other than a lady driving by stopped to tell me that I have some beautiful cows!!! Now that was a nice surprise at 6:30 this morning! She sat in the drive and watched them for almost an hour as they ate (Buck and Belle) and played (Norman, Danny and Davy running, jumping, kicking and head butting). It was a peaceful day other than the ringing phones, beeping of arrived business e-mails and meetings! Tomorrow morning I will be spending extra time with the cows and chickens as both barns need a good cleaning...that will be an excellent project for my early morning work out! I would rather shovel, muck, spray and mop than exercise to a video anyday!

I am off now. Chores have been done for hours and I really need to get back to doing some more of my reading for work....then I will be off to bed. Good Night and God Bless you all!

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