Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Happy Days

I don't think anyone is happier about the sun shining than I am today! No more cows in the barn all day pooping up a storm of their own! That means less cleaning for me! Atleast on the surface that is......
Well, Mr. Farmer man decided to come home early from work today...again, yeah I know! Don't remind me. It sets my whole planned day into a different turn of events. Nothing like trying to complete a task while being baraged with questions about something else entirely. Let's talk business while I iron clothes and do dishes. Let's talk about farm machinery while I am trying to email clients! irrate me beyond belief sometimes.
My day doesn't get any better....I had to borrow a friend's iron to iron the clothes that come out of the new super fancy ultra deluxe washer/dryer efficiency unit! I haven't had to iron clothes in years and now I have to do ironing after every load of laundry...even jeans! So much for new technology! Anyway...back to the iron...I borrow one from my friend Ann. It's old but in good condition. I plug it in, it works great..I get all of one shirt ironed but the sleeves, which by the way are the worst wrinkled, and all of the sudden, I get no steam! The iron is cooling. I have checked the breaker, it's fine. I have plugged into a different outlet...and nothing! So now, I broke my friend's iron and have melted carpet to mine!!! Great week! HaHaHa
Appointments that we have had this week have fallen through. Nothing is working out according to the "plan"....what can I say...I am sick of all the nonsense and just want to go away and not think about anything for a day! Not going to happen though. Too many things to do and get I sigh one more time, put a smile on my face...and now I am off to work some more..........

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