Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation and Mother's Day

I am proud that I missed posting anything yesterday. I missed the day because we made a round trip to Buffalo, NY to watch our son graduate from Buffalo University. Both Rich and myself are extremely proud of our son(my step-son). It seems like just yesterday he was graduating from high school. He is now a proud graduate of the one of the best engineering school in the country with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.
The trip was a rough one. The high winds pushed on the front of the truck working like a brake. Then the wind would push from the side on literally move vehicles sideways. After the graduation ceremony, we sat in the truck waiting for everyone to come out of the building and watched the trees bend sideways and the snow start flying. This weather has been amazing but, I am ready for it to end.
We spent from 8am to 11:30am making the trip to Buffalo and then left at about 3:30pm, took the long way home via the scenic route and made it home around 8pm. It wasn't too bad, other than the weather.
Today is Mother's I hope all the mother's out there have a wonderful and relaxing day. As many of you know, I have tons of "kids" to take care of that unfortunately can't give me cards, flowers or candy. The don't provide me with hot coffee cups in the morning or even breakfast in bed. My children are not home, so this morning it was just me and Rich. And then, of course, the two dogs, the cat, the steer, the cow, the calves, the poults, the chicks, the chickens and the turkeys. The only downfall to my day today has been the inch of snow on the ground and the cooler weather today. I don't take days off but, this got me to thinking about some words that I would like to say to all of those mom's out there.

"No matter how tough your days get, remember that you do the most valuable job in the world. You have been blessed by God above with the ability to do the most thankless job in all the world. You have been chosen to care, teach and provide for children. What an honor God has bestowed on Mother's. The honor of carrying a child within your womb, to give birth to one of His creations. To watch as they take their first steps, get thier first tooth and read their first book. To watch as the go to school the first time, the day the play their first game and get that first homerun. To watch with tear filled eyes as they graduate from school and move on to college or career. To watch as they become married and have children. Through dirty diapers, painful earaches, skinned knees, broken hearts and broken dreams, mothers are always the one's with a healing kiss, a bandaid and the one's who piece together the broken parts of children's lives. Mother's help their children fulfill their dreams and to become responsible adults. Mother's work and worry about their children like no father can. We work without pay and sometimes recieve more attitude than we have ever deserved. The only payment we ask for in return is to see a smile on our children's face. No amount of money will ever take it's place.
I wish every child out there could understand how much a mother's love truely means, before it's too late. I know that not ever mother shares love the way they should and sometimes they don't really have the same feelings that I discribe above but, I know that there are millions of mom's out there who would give their own lives to save that of their child. Even though my mother isn't one of the good mother's out there, she still deserves respect for giving birth to me and showing me things that have eventually been valuable lessons in my life.
Today, I am going to end with a prayer, so God Bless and Good Night.....
God, will you please watch over all of the mother's out there that you have blessed with a most important job. Please give them the patience to deal with each day as it comes. Please provide them all with many, many years of memories and smiles from their children. Thank you God for providing mother's with a special and different kind of love, one that I know you feel every time you look down upon each and everyone of us. Thank you for providing the children of the world with mother's to watch over them. Thank you for sharing your kind heart and thankless work with us. I, and many other mother's, are blessed by your hand. I am humbled and honored by all that you have given. Thank you. Amen.

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