Sunday, May 9, 2010

Broken Fences

Well, just when I thought today was going great and that it would just be one uneventful day that passed by without any issues....Our fence gets broken and we have an escape steer running all over! The dumb steer, Buck, decided that he wanted to come outside of the fence and spend time on the other side. I guess as they say, he thought that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.
One thing that you need to understand is that our house is on one side of the property and the barns and pasture are on the other side. We live on a hill and unfortunately live right where there is a blind spot when driving up the hill and another when coming down the hill.
So, here we are, attempting to herd a steer that weights some where around 1,000 lbs or more from running into the road. We managed to get him into the barn for his nightly feeding but, while attempting to repair the gate, he escapes again. This time to run right up the road, heading for the neighboors house. A car came down the hill and starting beeping the horn, which scared him causing him to run back down the hill into our front yard and on his way, kicking the whole time! He was running at full speed. He disappear behind the house. I went into the house to get a leash to walk him back but when I came back out the door, he came blasting around the opposite side of the house and straight across the road.
Rich and I managed to get him back into the pasture and without much help from Buck...who kept ramming his head and horns into the barbed wire fence and ripping it from our hands...we managed to get the fence repaired. He is now standing at the fence, staring out across the road toward the house and extremely unhappy that his adventure is over!
Me, personally, I am happy that he is back in and he has been informed that if he doesn't knock it off and stop being a butthead...he will in the freezer before he thought. That stupid steer has eaten up things that only a goat would touch and has just been a stubborn animal. Hopefully, this is the end of our adventures for the day. . . And now it is time to go lock the chicken barn up for the night and have dinner. Good night all and God Bless!

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