Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy Days

Unbelievable that it has been so nice, then so cold (we had snow on Sunday) and now rain for days! It makes the farm a mess! I have cleaned the barn out twice today due to all of the cow manure that is accumulating since the cows are hanging out inside. Oh the smell! I can't wait for a nice day...then I am going to completely clean the barn out....right down to nothing and spray it all out and then refill with a good bed of hay.

The chickens don't care if it is raining or not. They are out running around eating up the worms and bugs. Even the four chicks are out running all over...except for when the wind blows, then they hide under the barn or inside it.
The Cornish Rocks are huge! They eat so much food...I have no idea where they put it all. They are up to about 15 cups of food a day between the 20 of them. I have never seen animals eat so much or drink so much. They are drinking down almost 3 gallons of water a day now too....I bet they weigh almost a pound each now! Hoggers lol
The poults are all doing great. They are getting more feathers every day and are eating well. We lost a total of 7 birds, which makes me sad but I don't know what else I could have done. Maybe it was bad genetics or maybe it was the temperature fluctuations....all I know is that it had to be something that happened that was different than usual because I have never lost any birds prior to these. Other than the one that ran away on us last year!
The calves are all doing great! They are gaining weight like crazy now. Norman is up to 147 lbs, Davy is up to 148 and Danny is now a whopping 150 lbs. I wish I could add in videos here...It is adorable to watch them out running in the field. The chase each other, the chickens, Tom the turkey and head butt the ground! They are all good boys, even though Danny escaped the fence somehow today. I can tell you that he does not like to be haltered but, we managed. I think him and I came to an understanding about who is boss. I really need to start working with him and Davy more so that they get used to people handling them....That is definately a project for a nice day so I don't manage to land on my tush trying to keep them under control since they weigh as much as I do now.

Minestrone Soup for dinner tonight. It worked great since I left it simmering for about four hours today. It was done early enough so that I could actually enjoy my meal before chore time. I need to start doing more meals like that...maybe, okay more like hopefully, it will reduce some of stress levels. I have to learn how to plan a little better but sometimes my days are so hectic I don't even have time to go to the bathroom let alone fix a meal. I am kind of hoping that once my step son arrives this weekend, that it will relieve some of these issues. Will be kind of nice to have someone around that will be able to help out a little. I don't need a ton of help, just someone to clean the house, cook the meals, manage a business, pay the bills, take care of the animals....haha just kidding...I just need a little help out now and then...Then I could take a break for a few hours and enjoy a nice hot bath or even sit down to read a book that doesn't involve something for work or maybe even write some letters that I have been meaning to do for some time now.
Well, the sun will be setting here very soon. I still need to finish up a few barn chores and then lock the birdies in for nighty-nighty. Then, since I am still attempting to recoup from yesterday, I am off to bed to rest up for tomorrow.
God Bless and Good Night

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