Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rough Patches and Animal Life

As you will probably notice, I have found the next books on my wish list. There is a series of 12 books (I have seen them in the past and Rich has read three). I would love to be able to get my hands on these books, but with everything the way it stands right now, it is going to be a bit before I can even afford the $13 for the first in the series. The whole collection is $207. I will manage to get them somehow, just need to watch out for them. If anyone sees them cheap and in good shape...please let me know.....
Unfortunately, we have hit a rough patch on the new business and with the lease....we will make it through but it isn't going to happen on the deadline that we have anticipated. I have been on an emotional roller coaster now for two, maybe even three days. I need a vacation so bad it isn't funny...just a couple of days when I don't have to work, take care of animals or stress about what needs to get done. If anyone ever tells you that owning or starting a business is easy....tell them to go to hell, because it just isn't true. This is the toughest work I have ever done in my life. It really isn't physically draining, but mentally, now that is a different story.
On another note, the dandelion syrup is a huge hit. Everyone who tastes it loves it. I am actually working on selling some it now....I need to get out and pick some additional flowers, but time is not on my side right now. The chicks and poults are all doing great...other than the one chick that I tried to smush under the feeder today...dumb thing ran right underneath it. I feel horrible, but it is all cuddled up with the turkey poults for the night and should be alright by morning.
The calves are all doing great. They are steadily eating more food (grain)and grass as each day goes by. Norman is up and walking normally but still isn't running. He is getting a little better each day. Davy is a spooky little one. He doesn't like anything that is different, like his shiney feed dish. I have to feed him from a plastic dish so that he can't see his reflection. Danny is the hog of the bunch. He sucks down all the milk he can, he eats a dish full of grain and still manages to find room in his tummy for a whole mess of grass. He is heavy and is going to turn into a fine bull. Ma is nearly healed on her back now, thanks to an oil from Melaluca. She has a great round belly now and has filled out a little in the rump. She eats almost constant still, but there are times when I have found her lounging with Davy out in the field chewing her cudd.
The big white turkey, Big Momma, is completely healed and taking a vacation from her pesting chicken friends. She decided late yesterday afternoon that she wanted to be inside the turkey barn and away from the chickens and the overbearing Thomas the tom turkey. She spent her day today with the other tom and his woman. She seems to be happy and enjoying herself.
Rosie and Raven have been enjoying themselves with the kids. They are loving all of the attention....although the cat on the other hand is probably ready to go live with the turkeys. Poor Midnight is picked up, carried and hugged more than she ever has been in her life...yet, when Caleb, the 4 year old, comes in the door she still runs right up to his legs....she should know by now that he is going to do all these things to her. She tolerates it, might even enjoy it...for about a half hour and then that is enough...outside she goes with Caleb right behind her while the two of them play hide and seek. Caleb is getting good at that and Midnight needs to learn some new hiding spots very soon.
Rich finally managed to get the back yard garden rototilled tonight. Tomorrow is going to be rock pickin' day! There are a few other things that I need to get done tomorrow building a gate, doing a few business things, dishes, laundry and housework (never ending), dog baths and cleaning out the stall in the barn. Yup, that will about take up the whole entire day. I want to work on getting some of my little projects done, but I think they are going to have to wait until a rainy day....
Well...this chick is ready to go roost for the night and my rooster is already fluffing his I am off to dream a little dream.
God Bless and Good Night.

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