Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Visits

Well, today was Mr. Farmer's birthday. Not quite a half century old but still old enough to have aches and pains all over.
The best part I like about birthdays is that family comes to visit. We visited with Rich's dad first today. He spent time with Rich while I printed off some photos for him. Then Rich and him spent some time with the animals. After he left, Rich and I went for a four wheeler ride around our pond. We didn't see any fish or go fishing but it was still a nice peaceful ride. Then we went to check out his sisters small pond and we managed to see a Canadian Goose family with just one baby. I will have to get down there within the next couple of days to get some photos of the new gosling.
We then came home and I read for a bit until our daughter came with the most beautiful angel in the world, our granddaughter. Rich took her over to visit with the animals and she got to ride on her first John Deere tractor...which made Grandpa very happy. Considering her daddy is a huge John Deere fan...I am amazed that it hasn't happened yet. We sat in the lawn for a long time enjoying the sunshine and watching the Little Miss play with the cat, the dog and the grass. She had tons of fun when she was flying over Grandpa's head as he lay in the grass. It is so healing to watch a baby smile. She is such a beautiful and sweet girl. She is four and a half months old and is learning so many new things in the world.
We took off to go visit with Rich's parents with the "kids" in tow. It was nice to see four generations all together. Everyone was smiling and laughing, having a great time. Little Miss got to eat her first real food today...a lunch of Gerber Sweet Potato! The faces she made we awesome. She would pucker up her whole face like it was really sour but she wouldn't spit any of it out. She is such a peach!
Now we are home, relaxing after I did my nightly chores and waiting to lock the birds up for the night. I will start the daily run down with the smallest animals first today.....The turkey poults are all doing great. They are finally discovering that those feathers on their wings are great to fly with. They are all zipping all over, flying from one end of the "brooding area" to the other. They are roosting on the wall divider now. It is amazing that two week old birds are flying like they are...and man what fast runners! Kind of hard to catch them now as they zip all over.
The chicks are going like they are on fire! Rich and I have come to the conclusion that they weight some where right around 1-1/2 to 2 pounds. The twenty of them are eating somewhere around 24 cups of food a day! It is amazing how fast they are growing...and to think that in another 5 to 8 weeks they will be between 8 and 12 lbs. Hmmmm, Hmmmm, they are going to be so yummy though!
The Rhode Island Red chicks are doing great since their move into the poultry barn. They are coming outside now to get grain in the morning with the rest of the chickens. They are sleeping in the nest boxes at night and are eating food right along with everyone else. The play hide and seek with me when I go out to check on them during the day. They are just too funny.
The turkeys are all doing good. Our two hens are gathering clutches of eggs now. Big Momma has five of them inside a wild rose bush out in the pasture that she is sitting on now. How so many managed to get in their so quick I have no idea. She is such a good momma. The other hen has just one egg so far, but she seems fairly broody, so we will leave her alone and see what happens....Maybe we will have some more poults in a month or so! Tom turkey is still trying now and then to come over across the road to beat on the dog but he seems to be calming down on that...or atleast today he did.
The calves are doing great. Norman's leg is healing up and some of his hair that he lost due to the bucket feeding is growing is growing back in Black though! Danny is doing good...growing fast and starting to finally get used to me. I think his adventure outside the fence the other day helped. Davy is still a little shy but he is getting more curious everyday. He will let me get within arms reach of him now as long as I don't reach for him.
Belle is doing great. Her back is nearly healed, she is gaining weight and is starting to get a beautiful glossy coat now that her hair is starting to grow back. Buck is being stubborn as usual but loves his attention. They are both getting along well until it comes to feeding time and then you see Belle do some body checking to keep Buck away from her food. They are doing amazingly well with the calves!
....I am so glad that all of my animals are healthy (or getting closer) and happy. It is wonderful to watch them lounging around in the shade or oming up to me for attention. I am so proud of all of my critters!
Anyways, I still need to fix something to eat and fasten up the barn. Good Night all and God Bless.

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