Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Adventures

My Saturday adventures include things like mowing the lawn, caring for the animals and rescuing my neighboors from the pond!
I woke up a little late this morning...not like me but with all of the stress going around lately I know why...and didn't make it to the barn until almost 8:30. Everyone was happy to see me, especially the cornish rock chicks...they were starving(or so they thought).
After morning chores, I watch a little tv while lounging in bed...It was cold in the house at 63 degrees this morning. So I enjoyed the extra few minutes relaxing under the covers. Then I played around online for a bit. I also decided after playing around that I needed to get something accomplished, so I went outside and mowed the lawn. Rich was still napping on and off so I decided to start across the road and get along the fence line and in the log yard done first. Some of the grass was so thick that I had to mow first with the deck way up and then go over it again. It hadn't been touch in about 4 weeks and was almost as high as the hay field. This rain has done wonders for the plants...too bad that includes the lawn. After it took me almost two hours to complete the areas across the road, I move on to the yard. First thing I do is blow the drive belt off the mower...never fails, almost everytime I use the mower it breaks one way or another! We have two sections of the lawn, the lower section is about an acre...with a ton of trees, horse shoe pits, barbeque, a flower bed and now a garden. The top part of the lawn, which is actually one about 1/4 of an acre, is the part that always gives me fits! Just after starting the top section, I get the mower stuck in the ditch, when it slids on the wet ground. So...I come inside, get Rich (who goes out in his boxers and socks and yes I did get a photo for memories sake) to push it out. As soon as he gets the mower out, I am back onto the mower to finish the last ten or fifteen passes...when the stupid thing runs out of gas!!! I refilled it and managed to finish up unscathed for the rest of the passes!
After mowing, I decided to refill all of the water dishes for the animals and to take my camera with me. As I am on my way, I notice a Killdear struting around in the corn field, so I managed to get a couple of really good pics! Then I go spend an hour or so with the animals, taking thier weekly photos that will go into the albums so that we can mark their progression.
After that, I come inside to order dinner for Rich...Pizza. His favorite and his birthday is tomorrow. When I am getting to leave, our new neighboor calls to ask if I would be so kind as to go rescue her father, mother and children from our pond...It was dinner time and they weren't answering their phone. I drive down with the truck, the bloodhound in the front set to get them for dinner. I end up bringing back just Grandma and Seth. Seth decided that food in his belly was more important that fishing!
On the way back out, with two people in the back of the truck, a turkey flies right up in front of the truck! A wild turkey was buried right down into the weeds and I could even see it until it flew up in the air.
After getting back home and finally being able to eat, then phone rings and Rich's sister decided that she was going to come up with their cousin and a friend to get eggs and visit the animals. Everyone who comes can not believe how friendly our animals are. The turkey (Big Momma) who comes to you to be pet, the steer(Buck) who thinks he is a dog, and Tom the turkey who will follow people all over are just the specific one's that you notice first thing.
What a day...but even with the "adventures" that came my way...I still did everything with a smile and even laughed at myself for all of the mishaps. The tension is gone today and there is a feeling of contentment that I have missed so much this past week. I feel normal again! Even though I am running late at locking the chicken barn up.
I am going to sit around tonight and not do too much at all...maybe I will read some more about the history of the United States....there are so many things I never realized....t
things like:
Did you know that the telegraph was first used highly during the Civil War?
That the first portable camera came into use around the same time?
That embalming came into high use during the same time?
That the Statue of Liberty was actually given by French Citizens, not the government?
That the Statue of Liberty was suppose to be in the states for the celebration of the first hundred years of America?
Did you know that the only piece to arrive by 1876 was the hand and torch?
Did you know that Lady Libery's skin is the same thickness as two pennies?

So many amazing things.....too many to list at the end of this note....maybe I will have to do another post on an upcoming rainy day all about the crazy things that I have learned through my new readings and research.
Anyway, I need to go do the rest of my chores! Good night and God Bless you all.

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