Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunshine and Sundays

I know that I missed a day or two, but things have been crazy around here. First the weather is freezing cold and snowing, and yesterday we hovered around the 90 degree mark. This weather is tough enough on us but worse on the animals. The cow and one of the calves sure were doing a whole ton of panting yesterday. The drank around 100 gallons of water between them.
Norman is doing great. He is slowly building strength in his hind leg but he is our jumping and trying to run with the other two calves now. Buck is getting bigger with each passing day and is huge! Momma cow is doing great. She is already starting to gain weight, the sore on her back is healing up good, her hair is starting to grow back and her coat is already getting that glossy coat to it. The two calves, Davy and Danny, are doing awesome. The are starting to eat more grain everyday and will be able to be fully weaned in about two or three weeks.
The Cornish Rock chicks seem like they have doubled in size in the last week. The are huge compared to the turkey poults. The four Rhode Island Red chicks are doing great. They are nearly all feathered out now and are learning that they can fly. The new turkey poults did not fair well with all of this temperature fluctuation. Three days ago, they were sent via the mail in 30 degree weather and then two days later, it is 90 out. We have lost 5 poults, something that is extremely rare. I feel bad, but unfortunately, the weather is out of my control and there really isn't anything more that I could have done to help them survive.

On another note, Rich went fishing with his Dad (alone) for the first time in over 20 years. The "boys" had a great time and caught a ton of fish. Rich's Dad was funny, he called Rich Thursday night asking him all kinds of questions and then yesterday when they made arrangements on what time to go...his Dad showed up here about 1/2 hour early. They spent about 5 hours out fishing and both of them came back with big grins on their faces and a stringer full of fish about 9:30 last night. The put the fish in water, put them in the fridge and agreed to fillet them out at 8 this morning. Rich wasn't even out of bed when his Dad pulled in at 7:30 this morning. I guess his Dad was excited and had a great time. I don't think he can wait to go again.
Well, we are off to go enjoy a ride around today. Just one of those nice days to take off with the camera and enjoy the weather. Hope everyone enjoy a peaceful Sunday. God Bless.

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